Muckish Mountain, Falcarragh, Co. Donegal, Ireland

What does IRISH LANDOWNER sell?

IRISH LANDOWNER sells Certificates for small pieces of land, each piece measures 6.45cm² / 1in² in size.

Each Certificate has its own Unique Individual Plot Number.

Where is the Land located?

The Land is located at the foothills of Muckish Mountain, Moyra Glebe, Falcarragh, County, Donegal, Ireland.  In our own Irish national language ‘as Gaeilge’, for Muckish we say ‘Mucais’ which means ‘the pigs back’.

Muckish Mountain is a designated area of conservation and outstanding natural beauty. Its local river Lough Agher, renowned for salmon fishing, meanders through the land with stunning views of Tory Island. Falcarragh town, a Gaeltacht area is a native Irish speaking area  famous for it’s captivating coastal route ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’. It is  surrounded by the magnificent scenery of Ballyness Bay, Errigal, Muckish and the Derryveagh mountain range.

St Columcilles Celtic Cross and the Bridge of Tears are all wonderful attractions to see..

Where can I purchase an IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate?

Online at

At designated retail outlets

What is the cost of a piece of land and Certificate ?

The Irish Landowner Certificate costs $10.

The Certificate is emailed to the customer in a digital file that they can download and print.

There are No shipping costs.

Can I visit the Land at any time?

Yes, you can visit the land any time and immerse yourself and escape to a little oasis of natural beauty. Directions, Map and coordinates to the land are here

What size is each $10 IRISH LANDOWNER Piece of Land?

Each Piece of Land is 6.45cm² / 1in² in size and is not demarcated on the ground.

Can I purchase a Piece of Land for someone else?

Yes . Each IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate has a blank space to write in the Certificate Owner’s Name.

How soon after purchase will I receive my IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate Gift?

Once Paypal have cleared the payment your email and Certificate will send to you automatically within an hour of purchase.

How is your Ownership Structured?

When you purchase your IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate your name and Plot number are automatically registered on our database.

IRISH LANDOWNER will hold the Certificate Owners Name and Plot Number  from March 2014 by way of a 100 year lease and as per these Terms and Conditions. The benefit of this structure is that responsibility for the land remains with IRISH LANDOWNER and not with the Owner of the Plot Number. IRISH LANDOWNER has a 100 year lease in the lands at Moyra Glebe, Falcarragh , Co Donegal.

Are there any Taxes/Liabilities or Costs when purchasing an IRISH LANDOWNER Piece of Land?

No, there are no taxes /liabilities or costs when you purchase an IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate. No liability for the land attaches to the Owner of the Plot Number, all liability for the land attaches to IRISH LANDOWNER. The purchase price of $10 is the only payment you will make.

Is the IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate Legal and does it comply with Irish Legislation?

Yes, the IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate is Legal. Refer to Terms and Conditions at

What Delivery Method do we use?

We will send your IRISH LANDOWNER Certificate by email and all correspondence will be by email.

Are Payments made to IRISH LANDOWNER Secure?

Yes. All credit card payments to IRISH LANDOWNER are completely secure and processed via PayPal. We are a PayPal Verified Merchant. Please read our Privacy Policy on