Use IRISH LANDOWNER For Your Next Promotion

Give Your Customers an IRISH LANDOWNER Gift Card as a Reward.

Proven to increase your online and instore sales SIGNIFICANTLY.

Select a Reward Gift Card For Your Promotion

Select a Certificate of Irish Landownership For Your Promotion

How It Works!!! 2 Simple Steps

The IRISH LANDOWNER Gift Card will give your customers a personalised Certificate of Irish Landownership & an unique Plot Number for a Certified Plot of Land in Ireland which they can visit anytime.

Step 1 The customer will scratch the back of the Gift Card and reveal their Code.


Step 2 The customer will go to and click on Redeem Your Gift Card. Here they will fill in their Name, Address, Email, CodeĀ and Name to appear on the Certificate.


Your customers can then save, download and print off their Certificate and register their Plot Number.


Your customers can see they are receiving a Certificate that retails online for 25 dollars

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